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A Cordial Welcome to All!  

Monday evening Bible study will be finishing up the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John and moving on into the seventh chapter.  Some will attend in person, but we’ll be Zooming as well.  Either way, you’re welcome to join us.  Please let Pauli Mockler know or e-mail us at to get the link.

Anyone have a favorite hymn they’d like to sing this summer?  Just let Genevieve Cardos or Pauli Mockler know, and we’ll work it in!

New devotional booklets for the summer quarter are available on the table in the lobby.  Please help yourself and take one for a friend.  We have plenty to share!


August Birthdays: 2nd - Gudrun Roeland 3rd - Joanne Briggs 12th - Bill Bridgers

August Anniversaries: 2nd - James & Arlene Usry 12th - Jeff and Kelly Dahlin 15th - Kirk and Janet Bridgers



Prayer Requests : Nedd Mockler, recuperating and quarantining; Maria Welsh, friend of Hans Friedrichsen, for employment opportunities; Freddie, wife of one of our teachers, recuperating from a stroke; Gudrun Roeland; Will Ehrensperger; Tiffany Neville and family; Pam Whitney; Elizabeth, Director Rebecca Davenport’s sister, in treatment for recently diagnosed cancer; Hans Friedrichsen’s dad (and Hans) as they face difficulties; Gerald, George Bailey’s brother; Danella Jones and her daughter, Paulette; James Usry for ongoing health challenges; the Church in America that they be doers of the will of God by bringing prayer back to church; John Nichols, Jodi Torrez' brother, with personal struggles; Gene Heffner, Bobbi Bailey’s brother-in-law, in hospice care; Pat Hawkins, Tiffany’s aunt, losing her eyesight; Stan and Ed Bultemeyer, Connie’s brothers and Tiffany’s uncles; Sharon Nichols, Jodi Torrez’ mother; Claudia Price; Polly Jessup, Daniel Torrez’ grandmother, with chronic health challenges; Brad Barfield’s friend dealing with chemotherapy and radiation treatments; Lillie Dickey, friend of the Usry’s, undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer; Steve, friend of Pauli’s, fighting pancreatic cancer; Herma Vagts, Susan Carlson’s mother in extensive rehabilitation, and dad Manfred, as he cares for her; Shirley Orr, friend of the Usry’s; Betty, Harold Denney’s sister; Fran Brailsford with continuing health challenges, and her mom Eve; Tim Thompson; Chuck Collier, friend of the Usry’s; Delores Williams, friend of the Usry’s, as she struggles with health issues; Marlene Duffey, Connie Hawkins' sister and Tiffany Hawkins' aunt; Eugene Grotnes and family; Vicky Castleberry, friend of the Usry's; Helen Gordon, friend of the Usry's; Marissa, Lindsay Davis’ daughter, for God’s help and guidance; Jaymark Antonio, friend of Harold Denney, for God to bring him to America; John Roeland, Gudrun’s son.  Please note in the Friendship Folder if you are aware of others in need of special prayer.